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http://gdlines.info/files/s1_001_johnatwork_march55.jpg 09/26/15 Here's the earliest dated slide scan I found, and includes the Great Poohbah himself. From March 1955. The original layout, and Devil's Post look pretty complete, but not much else. The next posts will be from 1956. There's that Purina Mill again.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_002_lake_july56.jpg 09/27/15 A July 1956 view from the aisle by Great Divide, over Daphetid back into Devil's Gulch. The big mirror is obvious at this point. French Gulch looks mostly complete. Angel's Camp has mock-up buildings. Tools, jars, and boxes are perched all around the layout. John's skill at blending the backdrop into the scenery is in evidence, as it is nearly impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins on the finished areas.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_003_backmirror_july56.jpg 09/26/15
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_004_scalp_july56.jpg 09/28/15 The next July 1956 view is down Giant Canyon into Devil's Gulch, which is formed by the concrete floor. Roadbed around Scalp Mountain and through Squawbottom is just being installed. The roadbed from Akin to Andrews and Cold Shoulder is not installed. The mirror can be seen in the back corner. The foreground post will eventually become the home of Eagle's Nest.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_005_const_july56.jpg 10/21/15 Back-tracking to July 1956, this shot shows the roadbed of the Cooper Electric Railway where it turns onto Railroad Ave. in Port. According to Great Divide yardmaster Rod Smith, the trolleys ran counter-clockwise, so would be going down this steep section. Assuming a worm-based drive, they would likely not "run away" on the grade. The return/uphill grade (to be seen soon in a 1957 photo) was not nearly as steep.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_006_const_july56.jpg 09/29/15 Future site of Port. Spurs already in and operable.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_007_const_july56.jpg 09/30/15 From July 1956: A look at Cross Junction, Sowbelly, and Angel's Camp. This was apparently taken from the access pit behind the Cooper Electric Railway. Note the metal bracing to the roadbed leading to Angel's Camp; eventually, a removeable access panel covered the hillside in this area. The benchwork under the Sowbelly Creek area looks surprisingly lightweight. An unpainted brass geared loco is pushing the log train in the foreground. The Dockside is mid-train in the background train - seems like a lot of cars for the "Little Joe". The DG&H's only loco can be seen in the left foreground on the narrow gauge line.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_040_backcorner_unkdate.jpg 10/03/15 Another view of Devil's Gulch under construction in July 1956, taken the same day as a previous post (all the tools, glue, etc. are in the same places). The mirror is reflecting the track at Akin, on the opposite wall. The benchwork seems inadequate to the task in spots.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_010_const_april57.jpg 10/15/15 Again from April 1957.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_011_gorre_april57.jpg 10/17/15 Last one from April 1957, a low-perspective shot at Gorre. Notice the turnout under the bridge has a "high-speed" frog. Tru-scale used to make these, but not sure if as early as 1947-1948 when this was built (I have seen it before in old photos).
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_003_const_april57.jpg 10/05/15 From April 1957, Gorre looks complete, but there is lots of track to be installed. French Gulch and Drains look finished now, a lot of progress from July of 1956.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_004_const_april57.jpg 10/11/15 April 1957. Description from the slide set: "Ancient 4-4-0 #8 with wooden coaches in tow passes below the Butler Mine while a lone horseman views the unfinished high girder bridge under construction."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_012_const_july57.jpg 10/26/15 From July 1957, a group of three of the same area in Port, from slightly different angles. The complete trolley loop can be seen, as well as some creative shimming of the rails.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_013_const_july57.jpg 10/26/15
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_007_const_july57.jpg 10/26/15
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_011_butler_unk58.jpg 01/19/16 A 1958 view of French Gulch and the Butler Mine near Angels Camp. The scenery below the lowest track is not yet in place.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_014_const_april58.jpg 11/25/15 Scalp Mountain, looking at Robinson Cliff. Nika can be seen above (Akin in the mirror). Construction is progressing at a brisk pace in April 1958.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_015_const_april58.jpg 11/21/15 April of 1958, and Port is coming along. Bridges are in and lower level track is growing.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_016_const_april58.jpg 11/22/15 port low shot
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_018_25_April58.jpg 11/25/15 #25 on Sims Loop, from a high angle. Note Emma, #13, is also at work. Butler Mine is yet to be installed.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_008_curve_april58.jpg 11/25/15 Scalp Mountain from above: "2-6-0 #25 with a local freight rounds the high bridge on Sim's Loop which passes over spectacular Grandt Cliff. The year is April 1958."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_009_mountain_april58.jpg 11/25/15 Scalp Mountain and Akin: "High above French Gulch at the town of Akin gas electric #60 stops to unload."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_010_lake_april58.jpg 12/04/15 "Taylor Lake in April of 1958 showing completed construction near Devils Gulch."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_002_number3_april58.jpg 12/04/15 "2-4-0T #3 of the Devils Gulch and Helengon drifts towards Helengon with six cars. 4-58"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_013_const_april58.jpg 11/22/15 "4-10-0 #34 rumbles across the Warren Truss bridge at Port. 4-58"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_024_teaby_unk59.jpg 04/10/16 Sometime in 1959, 4-10-0 #34 has a long drag in tow as it heads from Akin to Corsa. Note that Nika (Akin in the back corner mirror) is undeveloped at this time. John's fine track-laying skill is in evidence in the smoothly eased and super-elevated track leading up to Daphetid.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_025_crevas_unk59.jpg 01/19/16 A 1959 photo from a unique perspective; given the view of the burnt forest and dual-gauge track, this is likely the second-lowest track below the Butler Mine.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_012_levels_unk59.jpg 04/10/16 "The early days at French Gulch with four types of bridge construction in view." Sometime early in 1959. DG&H #3 is about to run out of dual-gauge track for the standard-gauge Reading box car; the size difference between it and the DG&H box car is striking. Roundhouse 0-6-0 #12 leads the Andrews peddler on the Summit Line. It appears that the buildings near the oil well were built later on a base at the bench that would be placed in the cut-out area.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_002_roundhouse_july56.jpg 02/09/16 can't be 56Ö.almost same as s0_017 - see s0_026 ---- July 1959
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_020_levels_july59.jpg 03/19/16 July 1959, looking over Daphetid to Angels Camp. John often placed narrow-gauge rolling stock at Angels Camp, even though it was standard gauge. Until the very end, there was no way to run a train up there - only the "five-finger crane" could be used. The 4-4-0s there are a bit of a mystery; they show up in some pictures around the turntable, but they are not #4 (The General) or #8 (Sgt. Ennis). The S&S reefer pair also makes an appearance on the River Line behind #25.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_021_perspective_july59.jpg 03/19/16 A July 1959 view over Sowbelly to Cross Jct. The famous two-level station wasn't built until 1967, and was covered in a May 1968 Model Railroader article by Jim Findley. A duplicate of the small section house at the right-center was described in the September 2000 Railroad Model Craftsman by Ron Foreman.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_022_scalp_july59.jpg 03/19/16 In July 1959, Scalp Mountain is complete, except for the mine complex. Squawbottom high bridge is in place, but Cold Shoulder Canyon has no scenery yet.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_023_bridge_july59.jpg 03/19/16 In July 1959, the entire back section of the layout is mostly finished (except some DG&H narrow-gauge track). Note that #25 (with the S&S reefer pair) is now on the Summit Line, heading to Port.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_026_roundconst_july59.jpg 02/09/16
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_014_freight_july59.jpg 04/10/16 "Andrews and its associated industries." This file is named as being from July, 1959 but it is from no earlier than late 1968. The imposing structure in the background is "Detritus Products", built by Jim Findley. It won an award at the 1968 NMRA convention in San Francisco (a photo of it at the convention appeared in the Dec. 1968 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman), which ran from August 21-25 1968. See: http://gdlines.info/RMC-19681200-038-600_70.jpg
----- this goes with the September 1969 Andrews slides !!!! -----
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_015_bridge_july59.jpg 05/07/16 From July 1959, an interesting perspective from over Sowbelly. Note the DG&H Howe Truss is slightly akimbo. From the slide description sheet: "The sun has just peeked out through the clouds as it casts its rays on the track leading to Daphetid at the left. The ties in place at the bottom of the picture belong to the under construction Devil's Gulch & Helengon Narrow Gauge RR."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_014_cablecar_july59.jpg 05/07/16 July 1959. A good view of the CERR loop. From the slide set description: "West Divide in its early days. Two Cooper Electric cars can be seen traversing the CERR right of way. 7-59"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_035_bridge_july59.jpg 05/07/16 June 1959, and some rail is down on the DG&H through Sowbelly. The hillside access hatch is well hidden, but can be detected if you look carefully. From the slide set description: "Gas electric #60 again as it crosses Squawbottom Creek near Cross Junction which can be seen at the right. Angels Camp is at the top of the picture. 6-59"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_018_workers_august60.jpg 06/11/16 "The track gang really has the streets torn up behind the Austin Street station. 8-60"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_015_dino_october60.jpg 06/11/16 "Strange things are happening at the bridge over Sowbelly Creek near Cross Jct. At the lower right is Emma (#13) the ever present work Stegosaurus or "Worker Bronto". Her friend to the left is doing a little re-forestation. 10-60"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_019_tower_october60.jpg 06/11/16 "A telephoto view of the service facilities at West Divide. The Austin Street station and Great Divide yard can be seen in the distance. 10-60"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_027_mountains_may61.jpg 07/01/16 A May 1961 view into Devil's Gulch.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_028_silverbrigde_may61.jpg 07/01/16 In May of 1961, Port is developing with the addition of the superstructure of the bridge, as well as some structures temporarily placed.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_029_general_may61.jpg 07/01/16 Another May 1961 view of Devil's Gulch, looking over Sowbelly.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_017_squawbridge_may61.jpg 07/01/16 From the slide set description: "2-6-0 #25 with a cut of stock cars crosses the Squawbottom Creek High Bridge on its way to Cold Shoulder. Squawbottom Creek has yet to be installed 192 feet below in the view taken in May of 1961"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_032_clock_may63.jpg 07/24/16 no clouds, smoke
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_033_clockconst_may63.jpg 07/24/16 backdrop painting in progress
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_035_clockstacks2_may63.jpg 07/24/16 backdrop done
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_018_butlermines_may63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "The survey crew is busy high above Devil's Gulch checking the grade on the new high bridge which will run to Scalp. A lone horseman rides into Angels Camp Mine which seems to be inactive."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_001_kingstorag_may63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "The beginnings of the Port industrial complex in May of 1963."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_020_bulline_may63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "The poster on the wall of the Bulline Packers slaughterhouse proclaims livestock competition. The live beef in the pens will probably end up in Chetís Meat Pies which are advertised on the CERR trolley thatís passing by. 5-63"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_025_silverbrdg_may63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "Downtown Port in its early days of construction. 5-63"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_036_b4squaw_may63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "Squawbottom station as it looked in May of 1963. High above to the right is the town of Akin."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_036_scalp_sep63.jpg 07/24/16 Looking into Giant Canyon, September 1963.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_019_great_sep63.jpg 07/24/16 From the slide set description: "A overhead view of the very active engine facilities at Great Divide in Sept. Ď63."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_037_raw_sep64.jpg 08/24/16 From September 1964, a view of the Port Plastics area, with the mirror and building mock-ups.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_020_b4squaw_sep64.jpg 08/24/16 From the slide set description: "September 1964 and Squawbottom Station is nothing but a simple wood shanty and not the ornate depot which is to come in a few years."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_036_sqwbtmcrk_sep64.jpg 08/24/16 From the slide set description: "September of 1964 finds 4-6-2 #50 with a local passenger train in tow crossing the concrete viaduct over Squawbottorn Creek. The middle track is a stiff 3 1/2% grade while the top track leads to the town of Akin."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_034_tunnels_sep64.jpg 08/24/16 From the slide set description: "Devilís Post Pile (R) with gas electric #60 heading east over Ryan Trestle. Above right of #60 is the stub end of the Daphetid branch. Angles camp at the top left. 9-64"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_039_metalbridge_sep64.jpg 08/24/16 From the slide set description: "The Port Plastic Complex is just in the beginning stages of construction in this September 1964 scene."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_038_tower_apr65.jpg 10/09/16 April 1965, looking into Great Divide
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_039_ontrack_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, Squawbottom Creek dry
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_040_bycreek_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, Squawbottom Creek with real water flowing
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_041_newangle_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, DG&H track being laid in Sowbelly
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_042_upbridge_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, looking up at the Sims Loop high bridge
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_043_enghouse_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, the Gorre enginehouse in the foreground
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_044_riverscalp_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, Giant Canyon
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_046_atengine_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, near Devil's Gulch
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_048_closefront_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, near Devil's Gulch
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_049_atcaboose_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, leaving Sowbelly heading to Squawbottom, with one of the Sorfeetz brother riding along.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_050_closeclearance_jun65.jpg 10/09/16 June 1965, in Port.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_004_andrews_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "Andrews with itís passenger shelter and yet to be finished trackage. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_007_50engine_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "4-6-2 #50 with a fast passenger train along Squawbottom creek in June of 1965."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_009_andysdrug_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "Down town Great Divide near the Austin Street Station (R). The lone trolley of the Cooper Electric Railway makes itís way up the street in the distance. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_012_7shay_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "Shay #7 has just cleared the tunnel at Devilís Post Pile as it heads for Gore (R). 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_021_angelscamp_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "The G&Dís lone oil producer below Angles Camp. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_026_andrewsconst_jun65.jpg 11/19/16 From the slide set description: "The area around Andrews in the beginning. Squawbottorn Creek still lacks water."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_027_sqcreek_jun65.jpg 12/18/16 From the slide set description: "Squawbottom Creek in June of 1965. This area will soon be transformed into a very realistic logging scene. See slide #29 of G&D set #1 and page 25 of Kalmbachís Model Railroading with John Allen. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_028_CERR_jun65.jpg 12/18/16 From the slide set description: "The gent on the left snapping his suspenders has a swipe of the late Abe Lincoln in him as he relaxes under a bridge at Great Divide. The CERR Trolley heads down Railroad Avenue towards the Port station. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_037_greatdivide_jun65.jpg 12/18/16 From the slide set description: "The Great Divide yard and passenger station. Note the clever use of a mirror to enlarge the yard. 6-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_023_27engine_jul65.jpg 12/18/16 From the slide set description: "At the Great Divide engine terminal all five stalls of the roundhouse are filled as #27 steams out of the yard. 7-65"
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_022_60engine_aug65.jpg 12/18/16 From the slide set description: "In this August 1965 view we are looking down Giant Canyon towards Squawbottom where two freight trains will meet in a few seconds. Gas electric #60 has just passed through the short rock lined tunnel at Eagles Nest. Above the #60 is Cold Shoulder."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_051_teaby_mar66.jpg 12/18/16 Named after Gregory Teaby, the Monterey Fire Chief from 1946 to 1955; the fire-gutted structure was built circa 1952.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_052_teaby_mar66.jpg 12/18/16
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_055_port_apr67.jpg 01/22/17 April 1967; Port construction continues.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_033_eastport_apr67.jpg 01/22/17 From the slide set description: "East Port yard office and the massive Port Plastic complex. 4-67"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_056_bulline_jun67.jpg 01/22/17 June 1967. Bulline Packers was a joint venture of the G&D and Whit Towers' Alturas and Lone Pine RR.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_024_port_jul67.jpg 01/22/17 July 1967. From the slide set description: "A view of the waterfront at Port. The large buildings are only two sided."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_025_rocks_jul67.jpg 01/22/17 July 1967. From the slide set description: "Near the headwaters of Squawbottom Creek in the bottom of Helengon Gap gas electric #60 drifts by. To the right is the right of way of the Devilís Gulch & Helengon Narrow Gauge Railway which is still under construction."
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_059_rocks_oct67.jpg 01/22/17 has snake
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_060_rocks_oct67.jpg 01/22/17
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_061_floor_oct67.jpg 01/22/17 October 1967. A floor-level view up Giant Canyon at Sims Loop.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_026_daphetid_oct67.jpg 01/22/17 From the slide set description: "The Daphetid Fire Dept. was a little to late for this fire in October of 1967. Maybe some horses on the pumper would have helped!"
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_029_logs_oct67.jpg 01/22/17 October 1967. From the slide set description: "Logs which were floated downstream and formed a jam are being unloaded by steam donkey out of Sowbelly Creek. A similar scene was on the cover of the June Ď70 Railroad Model Craftsman magazine."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_029_port_oct67.jpg 01/22/17 From the slide set description: "The coal loading facilities at Port. 10-67"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_064_37_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 From July 1968, a view of the roundhouse garden tracks; note the firebox glow of #49 (a Varney Casey Jones with a United brass tender) on the turntable.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_068_freight_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 July 1968; a Shay switching at Andrews; note the mirror in the far left back corner.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_070_westdividepanel_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 A July 1968 view of the Great Divide control panel from Daphetid; note the "tabs" on the cars, used during operations to determine the car's movements.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_071_squaw_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 July 1968, a view down on Squawbottom; again, tabs can be seen on the cars in the spur.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_073_port_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 A July 1968 view of Port, as would be seen on entering the layout area from the stairs.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_074_port_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 An overview of Port in July 1968. Note the "mock-up" buildings along the backdrop, and the effective use of forced perspective.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_075_wall_jul68.jpg 04/22/17 A July 1968 view of French Gulch and "Drains". An interesting lighting effect illuminates the surveyors on the stub of the Scalp Mountain High Bridge.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_027_49etc_jul68.jpg 06/03/17 From the slide set description: "The Austin Street station at Great Divide in July of 1968."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_028_wall_jul68.jpg 06/03/17 From the slide set description: "An overall view of French Gulch in July of 1968."
Note the electric outlet, half-way down the cliff below the passenger train.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_016_cvmw_jul68.jpg 06/03/17 From the slide set description: "Trains leaving Great Divide back out of the yard then turn right into the tunnel between Great Divide and West Divide. The track gang is busy aligning the tracks of the Cooper Electric Railway (R). 7-68"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_076_port_aug68.jpg 06/03/17 August of 1968, and Port has further developed.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_003_cross_aug68.jpg 06/03/17 From the slide set description: "Cross Junction with itís unique two level station and the logging operations (left) at Sowbelly. 8-68"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_032_port_aug68.jpg 06/03/17 From the slide set description: "An aerial view of Port with itís many industries and waterfront activities. 8-68"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_077_fentonfindley_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 September 1969: similar to "s1_031_detritus_sep69.jpg", but with waterwheel spinning from running water.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_078_bigport_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 A September 1969 overview of Port. Note the photo building flats pinned to the backdrop, many of which are photos of his structures.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_030_linnsarchives_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 From the slide set description: "Shay #7 shoves a flat full of rail past Andrews Depot. Linns Archives at the left is named after the late Model Railroader Editor Linn Wescott. A construction article on the Leming Compressed Gas Co. appeared in the March Model Railroader Magazine. This view was photographed on 9-69."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_031_detritus_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 From the slide set description: "Findleyís Detritus and Fenton Produce, one of the fifteen industries in and around Andrews."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_011_fentonpro_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 From the slide set description: "A. Fenton Produce near Andrews proclaims itself the Broccoli capitol of the world in this September 1969 view."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_017_findleys_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 From the slide set description: "The industries around Andrews can be seen across Squawbottorn Creek. In the distance can be seen the town of Andrews. 9-69"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_024_port_sep69.jpg 07/19/17 From the slide set description: "The skyline at the bustling metropolis of Port. At the far left is Whitís Tower, named after the former editor of the NMRA Bulletin. 9-69"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_081_26austin_jun70.jpg 08/08/17 June 1970: dawn at the Great Divide Austin St. station.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_032_ssuaw29_jun70.jpg 08/08/17 From the slide set description: "Down in the lower elevations of Giant Canyon 2-8-0 #29 drifts into Squawbottorn Station."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_008_squaw27_jun70.jpg 08/08/17 From the slide set description: "2-8-0 #27 waits for a passing passenger train to pass Squawbottorn so it may enter the main line. 6-70"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_010_passangers_jun70.jpg 08/08/17 From the slide set description: "The Austin Street Station with a throng of commuters waiting patiently. 6-70"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_082_29bridge_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 A different angle of "s1_033_29cold_jul71.jpg". Note the "visitor" to the left of the Technology Inc. building.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_083_29cold_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 Another different angle of "s1_033_29cold_jul71.jpg", looking deep into Helengon Gap.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_084_sand_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 July 1971, a ground-level close up of the "commodity" bins at Port.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_085_superior_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 July 1971, a different angle of "s2_038_superior_jul71.jpg"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_086_40a_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 July 1971, #40 (A United AT&SF Mikado, one of the GD's best pullers) heads out of Great Divide over Port on the "Mountain Line" towards Angel's Camp. The bridge over Great Divide yards was unfinished when John passed.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_088_greatdivide_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 July 1971, a view of the Great Divide terminal area. The mirror at the left is barely detectable as such. Note the famous icing platform at the lower right, the inspiration for the Fine Scale Miniatures kit.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_033_29cold_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 From the slide set description: "July of 1971 finds 2-8-0 #29 rumbling across the Squaw Creek High Bridge over Squawbottorn Creek after passing thru the short tunnel at Eagleís Nest. In the distance is the always snowed in Cold Shoulder."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_034_bridgesquaw_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 From the slide set description: "0-6-6-0 #35 is high above Squawbottom Depot on the Scalp Mountain Arch while the still incomplete narrow gauge line at the left waits for completion and some traffic."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_031_anabel68_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 From the slide set description: "An end view of ďAnabelĒ with 4-8-0 #68 zipping by with a local freight. 7-71"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_038_superior_jul71.jpg 09/04/17 From the slide set description: "The train must be late at the G&D station judging from the passengers and baggage on the platform. 7-71"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_092_nightfenton_sep71.jpg 10/15/17 A September 1971 night shot of Andrews, showing Findley's Detritus and Fenton Produce.
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_006_nightround_sep71.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "The night crew is busy at the Great Divide roundhouse and shops. 9-71"
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_022_nightwestward_sep71.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "Nightime at Andrews. The midnight oil is burning at Linns Archives (R). 9-71"
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_094_bridge_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From February 1972, this gorgeous shot of the Scalp Mountain arch bridge.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_095a_squaw_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 February 1972: The Scalp Mountain arch bridge viewed from Daphetid. Note the portion of the Devil's Gulch bridge at the far right.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_097_bridgetunnel_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 February 1972: After passing Eagle's Nest, the "mountain line" crosses Helengon Gap on its way to Cold Shoulder.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_098_smokestacks_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 February 1972: A view of Great Divide from Sowbelly (slightly different angle/exposure of s1_040_herald_feb72.jpg)
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_099a_scalp_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 February 1972: The Scalp Mountain arch bridge viewed from near Andrews.
http://gdlines.info/files/s0_102a_scalpnight_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 February 1972: The Scalp Mountain arch bridge viewed from lower in Giant Canyon.
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_035_25bridge_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "2-6-0 #25 approaches the last bridge John Allen built, the Scalp Mountain Arch over Squawbottorn in Feburary 1972."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_037_35bridge_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "Having left Cold Shoulder 0-6-6-0 #35 trundles across the Scalp Mountain Arch spanning Squawbottom Creek. Squawbottom Depot and the surrounding buildings can be seen at the lower left."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_038_dividevening_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "Early evening at Great Divide. Commuters wait patiently for the arrival of their train while the Superior Bakery works around the clock. Look carefully and you will see where the mirror surface touches the roof and tracks."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_039_25bridge_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "2-6-0 #25 and a short freight heading up to Cold Shoulder (in background) on a spidery steel arch bridge below Eagle's Nest."
http://gdlines.info/files/s1_040_herald_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "The Bi-level depot at Cross Junction and the yards at Great Divide."
http://gdlines.info/files/s2_005_25bridge_feb72.jpg 10/15/17 From the slide set description: "2-6-0 #25 eases across the Scalp Mountain Arch. 2-72"